Healthy Snacks

The simplest way to prevent decay is complete plaque removal twice daily (by brushing and flossing) and the elimination of sugar between meals.  Active children are less likely to dwell on snacking and it's always better to quench thirst with water. 

In place of sugary snacks, substitute foods such as fresh fruit, nuts or raw vegetables.  Save sweets for mealtime when your child will clean his/her teeth afterward.  The following are lists of sucrose-containing foods that should be avoided in between meals and a list of snacks to encourage:


 Fruit Juices Fresh Fruit: Apples, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, Grapes...
 Sports Drinks (Gatorade) Water
 Candy Fresh Vegetables: Carrots, Pea Pods, Celery...
 Roll Ups Nuts: Walnuts, Pecans, Cashews...
 Sugar-coated Cereal Sunflower Seeds
 Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Pie, Pastries                 Crackers - plain and salted
 Caramel Corn Pretzels
 Ice Cream, Sherbet String Cheese
 Fruit Sweetened with Syrup Dill Pickles
 Jam, Jelly, Honey Popcorn
 Dry Cereal Chicken Kabobs
 Peanut Butter with Added Sugar Plain Yogurt
 Chocolate Milk Pizza
 Soft Drinks Pumpkin Seeds


Dentistry now has enough knowledge to completely prevent decay.  Our job is to educate parents so they may guide their children to good dental health.


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